For The Coaches

Although I developed this site specifically for athletes so that they can begin to take a hands on approach with their track careers, having the support of a coach or mentor is critical too.

Download a copy of the Why You’re Not a Track Star! book that will help you better understand the layout of this website.

If there’s a certain problem/solution that resonates with you as far as your athletes are concerned, encourage them to go through the solutions as a team. For example if you have identified “vision” as an area your entire team could improve you can have the whole team sign up for Pre Season Prep on the same day so that they go through the program together.

The team approach works for TB’s Personal Best Book Club too.

Feel free to sign up for any of the solutions with the exception of Team TB. College coaches are not allowed to participate in that closed group. However the page is run by a team of Adults and athletes have to adhere to certain guidelines to participate. Thank you for understanding.