Team TB Rules

  • College athletes and college coaches are NOT ALLOWED to join Team TB or apply for membership. This is to ensure that all of our members remain in good standing with the NCAA Clearinghouse and coaches remain free of any possible recruiting violations.

  • Professional Athletes and grade school coaches are welcome to enroll in Team TB in mentor and leadership roles.

  • Team TB maintains a zero tolerance policy for negativity and online bullying. Members violating this rule will be promptly removed from the team.

  • All Team TB members must be student-athletes passionate about learning in school AND learning the sport.

  • Contributions, comments, and posts to the Team TB group page must fall into one of the following categories:

-Informative (example: meet schedule/results, track and field headlines, personal/season’s bests)

-Positive or Motivational (example: inspirational quotes, encouraging posts, personal uplifting stories)

-Questions/Requests/or Polls (example: what’s the best shoe to train in? How can I improve my core strength?)

Posts not fitting into any of these categories are deemed irrelevant and will be removed and the team member notified. Team TB members get one warning before they are permanently removed from the group.

  • Posts, videos, images, or any other item uploaded to the Team’s group page that is found to be abusive, sexual in nature, inappropriate, or hateful will be removed and the responsible member blocked indefinitely.